3 Aprile 2020

The Thing

Nelle sere e nelle notti del lockdown, in cui il sonno scarseggia e spesso i pensieri non ci lasciano dormire, è nata questa piccola favola apocalittica. Tutto è cominciato da una serie di immagini, prima mentali e poi messe su carta. Le immagini hanno ispirato una storia e le parole si sono trasformate in voce. - Danilo Convertini


On a crisp Sunday night in mid-March, the city suddenly stopped. They said it wouldnʼt , but it did.
The lights were on inside our homes, but there was nobody in the streets.
Nobody except for the Thing.
The Thing was deadly but invisible.
It was everywhere and nowhere.
It came from within and from outside of us.
Maybe it was us.
They said the Thing had been among us for a while now, but it had gone unnoticed.
Sometimes it stole what we loved the most,
Other times, just those little everyday things we used to take for granted.
They said we would have to learn to live with it, that it was all around and above us.
And so we stayed inside and waited, hoping it would just go away.
The days and the weeks went by, but the Thing was still there. By now we knew exactly what it was made of, but we had no clue how to kill it.
So we stayed inside and waited some more, hoping to find a way.
Meanwhile, the Thing kept stealing. Until there was nothing much left for it to steal and nothing much left for us to lose.
And so we went outside and found that the Thing was gone. Just like that.
We breathed. The air was warm and the sun was blinding. We felt much lighter thn when we had locked ourselves in, and little emptier, too.
We hugged and wished tht the Thing would not come back anytime soon. We hoped it was gone for good. ——————————

• Art Direction & illustration/ Danilo Convertini

• Words/ Francesca Stignani 
• Voice over/René Olivo

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